About Us

60 Years and Four Generations of Preserving the Symbols of American and Religious Freedoms

Unique Services and Applications, Inc. is a fourth generation tradeservice company with 60 years of devoted service to the unique industry of the Steeplejack fields, providing quality services and applications to any of your immediate high and hazardous situations or planned restoration projects.

With over 125 years of combined experience, we blend our age-old & trusted rigging techniques with up-to-date Safety equipment, new and emerging quality materials, and environmentally conscience procedures to assure your project from the past is completed in today's highest standards and ready to meet tomorrows expectation of longevity.

We maintain a crew of qualified tradesmen, skilled in the art of the Steeplejack trade, well trained in safety, courteous to your environment, and professional in all manners of completing your project in the highest standards. Whether it's an 1873 steeple reconstructed to original spec, the installation of a new aluminum flagpole, renovating and repairing a 1930's faรงade, or emergency to securing an immediate high and hazardous situation, you can count on reliable service and warranted completions. We offer detailed specifications with most of our work to illustrate our intent and the quality we provide, and hope to illuminate the value we provide in performing your project. We're not always the lowest bidder, but always the highest qualified. Always remember, "The sweetness of a good price will never outlast the bitterness of poor quality."

We'll go to any heights

Look up!! You'll find us on some of the tallest flagpoles and steeples in your area. We'll go to any heights and any location to get your job done. Give us a call!! We're available for emergency services for weather related damages, or if you wish to discuss a long-range project and estimated cost for future consideration. Note that 70% of our work comes from churches. Therefore, we understand the dedication the owners and trustees undertake to establish time tables needed to assemble a master-plan, assert the fundraising campaigns to fulfill the goals, and provide the implementation to complete the projects. We've work on many projects years in advance of actually starting and would be honored to be considered for yours.

Flagpole and Steeple installation, renovation and repair