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Our American and Military Flags are guaranteed to be 100% American-Made, both with domestic labor and material. While we strive to provide this same criteria for all of our flags, such as State, Historical, and sports teams, we are bound by Licensing and certain manufacturer's assembly processes whereas the Country of Origin is outside of our control.

The most common materials are Polyester and Nylon

Cotton, although still in use today, is usually limited to Military issued flags, such as those used for draping coffins or issued upon tenure of service. We strongly recommend against using such a prized offering for exterior use since they will last a minimal amount of time when exposed to the weather. We do recommend use of a display case for these flags to display your pride of receipt of this offering, or draping such within the interior of the home or building, such as on a wood staff with a heavy base plate.

What material should I choose for my flag?

Polyester is the King when it comes to displaying outdoors on a 365/24/7 basis. It is strong and resilient to strong winds, rain, and general weather conditions. It's detriment are its weight and lack of brilliant color. Nylon is also considered an all weather flag, capable of 365/24/7 use, plus it is lighter to unfurl with lighter breezes and is brilliant in its color.

The Polyester is expected to last about 20% longer than Nylon, however, it also cost 20% more than the Nylon, so, for the most part, it's an even bet to use either. Our best recommendation is to use one, then the other to see which one suits your desires the best. A lot of factors are considered when determining the right flag for your location, so trying each one with notes to its longevity is usually best to be achieved on-site.

How long can I expect my flag to last?

Again, a lot of factors in determining this, with the on-site application it's true determining factor. Typically, we allow about 6 months of 24/7 use from a Nylon, and about 8 months of 24/7 use on the Polyester. Your attention to the care of the flag is paramount to achieving a long life. For instance;

  • Extreme weather? Remove the flag from the flagpole and await normal weather to reinstall;
  • Ice storms are especially disastrous to any flag and should be removed prior to such storms or they will literally shatter.
  • Heavy Traffic area? Remove occasionally and have cleaned since the accumulation of pollutants will deteriorate the fabric of the flag.

Did you know that Dry Cleaners are obligated to clean the American flag for free? Most of them are not even aware of this, but check with them and they will ultimately confirm this service is free. We recommend tipping them anyway as it is an expense to them, especially the oversized flags.

Signs of tattering at the corners? Remove and take to any canvas awning company to have repaired. Remember to keep your literature of the flag you purchased for the canvas company to match the thread and materials.

What other ideas do we have for flagpoles and flags?

  • Consider one larger flag than the one you would normally display. For instance, if you display a 5' x 8' flag normally, then consider an 8' x 12' to use on the flag holidays of Memorial Day, Flag day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day to name a few. This larger flag would be a one-time purchase since it would be used only a couple of days per years and should last many decades.
  • Consider applications of another flag below the American Flag, such as a POW/MIA, your home state, Military service, or your favorite sports team.
  • Consider a custom-made flag for special personal days, such as birthdays or announcements, that also work well as a landmark to invited guest.
  • Also consider banners that can be applied to your flagpole that stand straight-out for special announcements as well. These are easily installed and removed and can be changed to suit any special events.
  • Don't forget to inquire about all sorts of standard and ready-made flags for all of the holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and any other occasion.

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