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We maintain a variety of Unit Prices that would help us provide you with a reliable quote. To help serve you better, please include a series of photos of your project to help us gain insight to the environment, the general problem, and any details you wish to provide otherwise. While it's always been our goal of providing free estimates, some projects are just too far from home to do so. Our goal here would be to utilize the services provided by the digital age to achieve a general understanding of the work scope and discuss the actual details to achieve a formal estimate.

Best photos; One each side of the building (North/East/South/West) from curb to building, two of the immediate area of concern, and one or two zoom shots (close-up) of the detail of concern.

Always follow-up with a call to assure we've received them in good order. We Thank you in advance for all opportunities to serve you, and thank you for visiting our Website.

Request a quote via email.

Flagpole, Flags, and Steeple installation, renovation and repair