Flagpole Services

We Service Any Flagpole Anywhere

Flagpole Services

We provide full-service installation and repair, on all types and sizes of flagpoles, at any height, anywhere in the country.

All Styles of Flagpoles

Federal, industrial, commercial, and residential poles including roof-set, wall-mounted, penthouse mounted, ground-set, shoe base, tilt down, cantilever, internal halyard, external halyard, nautical, outrigger, and many home-made models as well.

Professional Installation

Timely and professional installation done with respect for neighbors and zero damage to adjacent grounds or buildings. Any type of installation, including custom concrete bases, memorial plaques, lighting, and skyscraper mounting.

Flagpoles of Any Height

We offer flagpoles in aluminum (up to 80'), steel (unlimited height), fiberglass (for non-conductive requirements), wood (for historic needs), stainless steel and bronze. Offerings include:

  • Brand names including Baarol, Lingo, Concord, PLP, American, and others.
  • Flagpoles from 15' to 225'+
  • Internal or external lanyards
  • Clear or color anodized aluminum, custom, and Powder-coat finishes

Flag and Flagpole Design

We offer design services and provide custom fabrications to meet your needs.

Complete Hardware

We use high-quality, brand names and universal components, including:

  • Balls (aluminum of multiple colors and finishes, copper, 23K gold leaf)
  • Eagles and weathervanes
  • Pulleys and truck system
  • Flags - U.S., state and custom made
  • Cleats, lock boxes and halyard channels
  • Stainless steel internal halyards
  • Memorial plaques
  • Flash collars
  • Lighting


We provide restoration and maintenance on any flagpole, of any height. Common maintenance tasks include:

  • Painting
  • Repairs
  • Removal
  • Relocation


We offer a ten-year warranty of installations, up to three years on painting, and one year on service and stainless hardware.

Security Clearance

School, state, and federal security clearance

Tips & Ideas

  • First, determine the desired flag size you want to display; The larger the flag, the larger the flagpole
  • Watch for underground and overhead utilities when searching for that "perfect spot" to set the flagpole
  • Allow for Lightning protection-Please call-this is important and there are many things to consider!!
  • Chose a color that "ties-into" your home or office, such as the trim color, whereby complimenting the architecture and original design.
  • Watch for clearances of the flag while raising and lowering, such as nearby streets, trees, light-posts, and other infringements, especially on large flags.
  • And many, many more things too. Please call. We'll help, and without cost or obligation. Your safety is our primary concern. A lot of lives were honorably lost to for flag, we don't want a single one lost on accidents displaying it.

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