Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing Restoration

We Service any Commercial or Flat Roof Anywhere!

We are a Full-Service commercial roofing restoration business. Unique Services specializes in Flat or Metal roof repair and restoration. Our white roof products not only keep your building dry and cool they can be warrantied for up to 18 years.

White Roofs Drive Energy Costs Down

Highly reflective "cool" roofs are having their day in the sun. During the warmest weather, studies have indicated that they lower roof temperatures by up to 40% and decrease the amount of heat transferred into a building's interior. That helps reduce energy needs for cooling and using less energy not only saves money, it also reduces the number of pollutants released into the atmosphere. Conklin Roofing Systems meet the very highest standards for energy efficiency.

Roofing Products

In line with our commitment to give our customers nothing but the best, we exclusively use Conklin roofing products, a trusted brand in the commercial roofing industry for more than 35 years. These roofing solutions can extend any existing roof’s life for decades and let business owners avoid the costly, time-intensive process of roof replacement.

All Conklin roofing products we install are backed by non-prorated warranties that cover 100% of labor and material costs. These last for up to 20 years, depending on the roofing products that are used.

We are proud to offer a variety of commercial roofing services
Flat roof repair and maintenance
Metal roof repair and maintenance
Rubber roof repair and maintenance
Leak detection and repair
Roof inspection
Single-ply roofing systems
Spray polyurethane foam roofing
Elastomeric roof coatings
All commercial services are performed by our team of fully trained and experienced roofing professionals who are prompt, respectful, and exact in their service delivery.

Recent Install and Repair