1. Mulch Works 110' flagpole repair and install

    Unique Services and Applications / Flagnations were able to remove a used 110' steel flagpole from a separate location and ship to Mulch Works located in Plum, PA. The flagpole needed extensive repairs because it had a bad bend in the flagpole about 70' up from the ground.

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  2. Re-aligned 80ft Satin External Aluminum Flagpole

    Flagnations South re-aligned this 80ft Satin External Aluminum Flagpole as well as changed out some flagpole components. We replaced the existing corroded truck system with a new single revolving truck system with sealed bearings and an aluminum pulley. We replaced the halyard with 3/8" solid braid nylon halyard, added new stainless steel flag snaps, new flag snap covers, and a new retainer ring. This flagpole is now looking like a new flagpole!!

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  3. 100 ft Flagpole Maintenance - Refinished flagpole and truck system

    Flagnations South sanded this 100ft steel flagpole and applied one coat of primer paint. We will repair the flagpole truck system and adjust the halyard. Next week we will apply a coat of Bright Glossy White paint and re-install the refurbished ruck system. Flagnantions will have it looking like a brand new flagpole.

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  4. Arbogast Buick - Service and repaint 150ft flagpole

    Unique Services & Applications (USA) was hired to service and repaint a 150' steel flagpole, replacing a 14" gold ball/truck combo, stainless steel cable, stainless steel snaps, large weight, 7 retainer rings, and all necessary stainless steel links and copper crimps. At first arrival, the electric winch didn't seem to be working properly because the condition of the cable and truck system was sub-par.

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  5. Sewickley Heights, PA - Flagpole Repairs

    Unique Services & Applications (USA) painted and repaired an 80' residential flagpole. USA first sanded and scrapped the entire flagpole to ensure proper adhesion of the new white oil-based paint.

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  6. Rochling Machined Plastics - Rebuild flagpole revolving truck system

    Unique Services & Applications (USA) had to completely rebuild the revolving truck systems a top of three 30' aluminum flagpoles. When USA first arrived we noticed that the truck systems were not revolving anymore and were frozen at one position which was causing the flags to hit each other and tear easily.

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