Steeple & Dome Services

We provide full-service restoration, repair, and remodeling for steeples and domes in any location, at any height.


Steeple and Dome Services Include:

    • Restoration
    • Rebuilding
    • Renovation/Remodeling
    • Painting
    • Cleaning
    • Lightning Protection
    • Gold Leafing
    • Sheet metal covering
    • Emergency storm damage repairs

Count on our many years of experience to correctly repair or rebuild your building, or any portion thereof, such as the steeple, dome, or general elevations and faรงade. The correct combination of materials, when applied in the correct fashion, will ensure decades of worry-free maintenance and continue to weather without detriment to the overall building's appearance.


Did you know?

    • Copper and aluminum, both quality materials, cannot touch or drain into each other without accelerated corrosion and eventually leaking.
    • Copper, in combined use with a clay-tile roof, will only last about half its expected life.
      Lightning, in and of itself, does not create fire, except only when stopped (as without proper grounding) or induction to electrical circuits within the strike zone.
    • The life of a slate roof is dependent upon the degree of slope of the roof.
      Ventilation is a critical factor in the longevity of any structure and is required to obtain a shingle manufacturer's warranty.

These are just a few of the many thousands of ideas and materials available that may, or may not be, best to put together on your project. Include into your considerations the overall design and appearance to blend with existing architecture, accessibility for maintenance, and extreme weather situations. Call us!! Consult with an experienced company to assure your investment is limited to a one-time expense.

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